Targeted Individuals & Perpetrators


                                      Who Are Targeted Individuals?

     Targeted Individuals (TI's) are often those who have exposed illegal or inhumane actions by busines, government, or other organizations.  TI's are exceptionally creative people--artists, writers, musicians, actors. They are divergent thinkers or those with a well-developed sixth sense.  They are unusual minority members or single women whose position in society makes them vunerable.  Some are victims of earlier programs such as CIA's MK ULTRA or MONARCH who have been continually monitored even though the programs they were experimental subjects in have supposedly ended .

                               How Are Targeted Individuals Chosen?

    Writer Marshall Thomas indicates that TI's are chosen from a data base of many millions, each of whom is given a cumulative weighted score for their activities and abilities.  Whistleblowers, activists,  and dissidents are right at the top of the list.

                            Who Are Perpetrators?

     Nicholas Kirkland believes that law enforcement agencies at all levels are generally complicit in the program whether by design or inadvertently.  Other writers say that "down and out" community members are paid to watch, follow, provide street theater incidents, and generally harass a victim in such a way that the incidents are deniable, thus making a victim who reports them seem paranoid.  Networks of Perps are available in every town, city, county, and state in the country, and they can be tasked to perform their harmful deeds on the spur of the moment.

     The networks are controlled by operator perpetrators who  work in huge super computer complexes.  Their "real" world is the world of game theory and their success or failure depends on their ability to subdue, deprogram, and reprogram the target they have been assigned to monitor.

    The underlying question is who plans and authorizes such an immoral, covert program and under what auspices these people perform.