What Tools Are Used?

     Super computers, such as IBM's Blue Gene/L, enable perpetrator operators to know where the target is 24/7, what he/she is doing or saying, and quite probably what that person is thinking.  In the past, remotely controlled chips provided access to the victim, but today some researchers say nanobots have replaced the chip. With the click of a mouse, the handler can modify a Targeted Individual's mood, punish him/her with painful electronic zaps for "wrong" thoughts, words, or actions that do not coincide with a predesignated program of compliance. Particularly sadistic handlers can induce hysteria, uncharacteristic dreams, words, or behavior, synthethic images or holograms, smells or  tastes, skin sensations such as itching, in order to confuse or frighten a victim and watch him/her squirm.  Because the technology used is virtually untraceable, thus deniable, if a TI complains to friends or family, law enforcement, or even doctors, he/she is often considered mentally unstable or dangerously violent. 

     Because the delivery system used to control victims disrupts--at a cellular level--the electromagnetic energy flow that controls all bodily functions, amnesia, heart attacks, cancer, and other diseases are typical side effects of the supposedly "nonlethal" microwave or directed energy beams.

     But directed energy weapons are not the only tools used against TI's.  Ultra sonic  sound waves can also be used to deliver sound--or voices in the head--by beaming the waves to a particular target.  Infrasound waves can be used to deliver subliminal messages to a target.

     Besides sound and energy, perpetrators use chemical and biological concoctions to sicken or weaken targets.  Generally, these concoctions are not detectable by ordinary methods of testing, thus it is practically impossible to prove that they have been used in one's home or environs.

Mind Control Technology