Open Letter to the United States Senate

December 2, 2015

Dear Senator ________________________________:

     This "open" letter is to thank all of those in Congress who have worked diligently to end at least some of the mass, or bulk, surveillance by NSA.  I am, of course, curious about why a number of senators chose not to  support passage of HR 2048, and I would be interested in a personal response from each explaining why each chose not to support this bill.

     As a former politician myself, as well as a whistleblower for equity in education, I have known the horrors of becoming covertly (at first) targeted.  This mostly covert targeting became obviously more overt just three years ago.

     I had never heard of organized gang stalking, or even COINTELPRO, illegal since the '70's.  The multitude of terror strikes upon my family have paralleled our experiences in 1994-1996 in southern Georgia.  During that time, insinuations from many individuals were directed at the "KKK."  While a few were "humorous," others were quietly serious.

     I wondered why I had not heard a whisper about such a powerful force still active in that area during my first twenty-four years there.  Occurrences since that time indicate that this "clandestine force" is not simply the work of local, disgruntled members of the Klan.  Terror tactics, including 24/7 surveillance, stalking, harassment, and remote torturous assaults, follow my family in almost every state we visit or reside in--from Alabama to New England.

     For months, I truly believed that WE WERE THE ONLY ONES IN AMERICA UNDER SUCH AN ATTACK!  After all, I had blown a very loud whistle about racial tracking in the public schools.  And I had been awarded what many would term the most honorable political award in the world:  the President John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 1996.

     By December of 2013, I found clear reference to what we had been experiencing:  the testimonies of thousands of totally innocent American citizens.  Many have websites, scores of pages long, relating a shameful carbon copy of the kinds of terror tactics, some covert, but others blatantly overt, that we have been experiencing.

     Insanely, our very news media has evidently "blacklisted" this extremely criminal activity--which experts and whistleblowers intimate has firm roots in the COINTELPRO, MK ULTRA, East German Stasi, and more.  But since the early '70's, technology, funding, and what appears to many, a lack of adequate oversight and transparency, have helped to make this program an inconceivably  omnipotent and dangerous force for our entire nation.  We have seen repeated evidence of tentacles that extend into every remote village.

     And for what?  Certainly if bulk surveillance has netted just one possible terrorist act, the targeting program has yielded nothing except the total ruination of  many thousands (possibly millions) of lives.  And after several years of heavier, overt targeting, my observation is that the program will become a much larger, more encompassing one, involving psycho-social controls over any and every one of us--controls that would have been deemed impossible in Orwell's 1984.

     Once we realized we were being 24/7 surveilled, character smeared, isolated, and victims of covert assault, we decided to keep very quiet and just tolerate whatever the "program" subjected us to.  That was before we realized that thousands, possibly even millions, of others were suffering from the same kinds of terror tactics.  By 2014, we had met families, including children, who have been atrociously victimized.  This knowledge provided enough incentive to take a more proactive position- one of providing information to other citizens as well as petitioning lawmakers to investigate and take action to dismantle any program that loopholes in our laws enable clandestine forces to target unsuspecting, law  abiding citizens as "experimental subjects" in their undeclared, secret programs.

     Thanks again for taking  positive action on the the bulk surveillance issue.  As a former politician, and one who has been relentlessly targeted for doing what was right, I can only begin to imagine the degree of courage it must often take to sit in the Senate, or the House, and cast a vote that may displease an omnipotent force.


                                                              Hardly "Chaos and Confusion"

Circa 1960:  A school in southern New Jersey

    The history teacher grimaced a bit, and lowered his voice a few decibels.  "And some of the dirtiest wars we have waged were not done using soldiers or tanks or planes.  They were performed by men wearing everyday clothes, "even suits."  And these men are found in every country in the world."

    As he spoke, he was walking ten steps, turning, and walking back ten steps, constantly making contact with eighty enrapt eyes—the windows to forty, or maybe thirty-nine (this was not my best class) brilliant young minds.

     Voice dropping a few decibels, he continued, "It's come to be known as creating chaos and confusion.  Chaos and confusion—anywhere and everywhere around the world.

     I well knew the definitions of chaos and confusion  No real danger from anyone being a little confused, I thought.  Why was he lowering his voice?  After all, two way intercoms were not stylish at that point.

     For the next twenty or thiry minutes we were learning about governmental use of euphemisms as well as covert war tactics.

     In my mind, chaos and confusion had always been more akin to having the lights go out at a night game.  Now we were hearing that it was our skilled army of thugs and terrorists blowing up buildings and cities so that the destruction could be blamed upon innocent and confused people, people who became more confused as they were led to firing squads or prisons.

     Our teacher lowered his voice to decibels just more than a whisper.  "And they spread addictive drugs through every city and village.  The contaminate water, soil, and food.  They are trained in arranging any type of accident.  Kidnapping, torture, character assassinations, and any type of assassination are all their specialties."

     The final sentences were whispers, but eighty sharp, young ears heard every word.

     Circa 1960 . . . but a few things never change.  Except the euphemisms.  Today they call it "fighting terrorism!"

     In late 1963, President John F. Kennedy took early steps to end thse covert wars.  Several days later, he was assassinated.