Ending the Program

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                                                                        "Ignorance levels society to a common denominator."


                                       Knowledge Is Imperative

     In the past, serfs and slaves have typically been relegated to a state of ignorance.  Why?  Because they had no way of acquiring and sharing vast amounts of information by reading and writing.  Their knowledge was circumscribed by their environment.  Today, we have innumerable tools for acquiring and sharing information.  Our ability and willingness to use those tools determines the quality of the lives we lead.

     For a TI, information can indeed be a life saver.  The task of perpetrators is to increase the victims anger or fear and anxiety level to the extent that he/she eventually suffers a dread disease or an emotional breakdown.  Hospitalization or institutionalization may follow, or the victim may commit some heinous crime, as ship yard worker, Aaron Alexis did, or commit suicide.

     KNOWLEDGE, however, helps the TI to cope with his/her situation.  Books and internet sites help the TI to understand what is happening, why it is happening, how it is happening, who is responsible for the torture,  who other TI's are and what types of support systems are available to help him/her maintain some sense of balance.

     Research can also provide a means of verifying and mitigating the effects of electronic torture and other mind control tactics.  Connecting with other TI's is important, both for the emotional support it can offer as well as the information about what coping strategies seem to work best.  Membership in organizations such as Freedom From Covert Harassment (FFCHS) and the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment (EUCACH) or regional support groups also offer a network of connection which is vitally important since isolation of the TI is a prime goal of the program.

     Research can also give pointers about how to approach family, friends, neighbors, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement and others so that they don't automatically decide the TI is mentally unstable.  It is imperative to inform others about the program and the technology used to carry it out with "plausible deniability," because this program has been expanding exponetially over the past decade. Because the media is not informing the public about the program, the burden falls on the TI community to expose the threat to the human race.  As  Dr. Robert Duncan predicts, "If 5% of the population begins to believe the truth, the rest will follow."     

                                                             Informing the Public

     There are many ways the TI can inform others.  Talking to as many people as possible about the program (without over emphasizing one's own plight) is important, but the TI must remember that to most of the population, what he/she says will seem totally fantastic.  Approaching the topic as if it is the last thing one would expect to be happening in America (or any other democratic country) may provide the most plausible way of hooking the listener to do his/her own research.  Providing attractive business type cards with the topic you have spoken about to the listener ensures that he/she will have a reminder that knowledge of the program gives one a means of protection against it.   Some people won't bother to do the research, but those who do will more than likely share what they learn with their friends.

     Writing essays to post on internet sites or books made available to the general public is also a way of informing others.  Continuously bombarding the media, legislators, human rights or other advocacy groups about the program in phone calls, emails, snail mails, or office visits may eventually strike a positive chord to hasten public awareness.  Here, persistence is the best policy.  Recently, alternative news sites have interviewed several TI's who have spoken knowledgeably about the technology used against them, and FFCHS recently sponsored an eight hour radiothon to inform others about what is happening.  Distributing leaflets, CD's or DVD's that explain what Gang Stalking and its attendent torture techniques are is another way to get the word out.  Brainstorming with others about additional strategies for convincing people of the dangers inherent in a program so secret that the majority is totally unaware can be accomplished at conferences, regional meetings, or in small groups.

                                     Legislation and Regulation

    The point of all the talk and information dissemination is to prod lawmakers into passing and enforcing laws preventing the covert abuse of innocent, law abiding American citizens by covert agencies and their "Black Operations" operatives.  Certainly a government needs an intelligence gathering arm, but when there is little or no oversight, abuse of power is inevitable.  In a democracy, the agencies, like the lawmakers themselves, function to serve the people they represent, not themselves.

     Likewise, strict, enforceable regulations for the use of the wide array of technology available to us, whether for communication, enhancing the human condition, surveillance, or warfare need to be put in place.  Technology with no parameters governing its use is dangerous.

     However, no such legislation and regulation will be forthcoming unless there is a public outcry.  The sooner, the better for time is running out.  This is why it is so important for TI's and others to assume a role of leadership and inform the public!