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         PAANGELINI'S  PLACE  is a site devoted to informing the public about a pervasive, covert program that targets those in our society who take their CONSTITUTIONAL  obligations seriously by questioning and attempting to curtail questionable or illegal practices by government entities, businesses and corporations, or even non-profit organizations.

                                                    TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION

Gang Stalking --  What Is It?  What Are Its Roots?  Why Does It Exist?

Targeted Individuals and Perpetrators --  Who Are TI's?  How Are They Chosen ?

          Who Are Perpetrators?

Mind Control Technology --  What Tools Are Used?

Ending the Program --  Knowledge Is Imperative!  Informing the Public. 

          Legislation and Regulation.

Letters and Essays


                                                                                                 Suzanne:  Targeted for Death--available at


                                                                                                                                 Gang Stalking:  The Threat to Humanity-- available at amazon .com

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                                                                        or visit YouTube/paangelini to view  several interviews with the author.